7 Cheapest Registrars to Buy Domain Names in 2024

Cheapest Domain Registrars

Where can I buy a cheap domain name? Who is the cheapest domain registrar? These are common questions for beginners who have limited budgets.

Well, this post has your answer. You can find the cheapest domain registrar in 2024. I will also show you other companies that offer domain names at lower prices.

Budgeting is the primary concern for most beginners before starting their first online business or blog. On the other hand, those who are old players in online industries don’t bother about the cost of the domain name.

You must allocate your budget properly because you must pay for hosting, custom themes if needed, and the price of the domain.

That’s why you must find domain registrars offering cheaper domain names. This is where I come in. I researched top domain registrars, hosting providers, and website builders to find the cheapest domain name registrars and the prices.

If you Google the cheapest domain registrar, you may find that some companies, like GoDaddy, offer $0.01 per year for a .com domain.

However, did you notice it charges a $21.99 renewal fee? That’s why you must research who provides cheap Registration and renewal prices.

I researched the top 7 cheapest places to buy domain names in 2024.

To show you the pricing more clearly, I used a sample domain and searched it on my listed registrars. This will help you understand all the pros and cons of the registrars.

Who is the Cheapest Domain Registrar in 2024?

For the first-year Registration Term, IONOS is the winner. It offers a domain name for only $1 for the first year, but the renewal price is $17.

Namecheap is the runner-up. The domain registration price is $5.98 for new customers and $10.98 for regular customers. The renewal price is a flat of $13.98.

For the Renewal Term, Dynadot is the champ. Both registration and renewal prices are flat at $10.19 for one year.

I will show the top 7 cheapest places to buy domain names in 2024.

7 Best Domain Registrars to Buy Cheap Domain Names


IONOS is a popular German internet service provider commonly known for powerful web hosting, domain registration, and cloud computing services.

IONOS has already registered more than 22 million domain names worldwide. It is one of the most popular domain registrars in Europe.

From domain name and business email to hosting and builder, you can get everything you need to deploy your online business.

You can generate a domain name on IONOS by manually entering it using AI.

Registration Pricing

IONOS offers .com, .net, .org, and .info domains for $1 for the first year. However, the renewal price varies depending on the extensions.

IONOS Domain Name Pricing

Renewal Pricing

IONOS charges different pricing for different domain extensions. I searched for my sample domain, “SmartWebGuide”, and got this result.

  • .com – $17/year
  • .org – $20/year
  • .info – $25/year
  • .net – $20/year

IONOS Domain Renewal Pricing


  • Buy the .com domain and get 50% off on its website builder.
  • Free Wildcard SSL.
  • Free private Registration.
  • Free 2GB email account

Get a Domain from IONOS

2. Namecheap

As the brand suggests, Namecheap is one of the cheapest domain registrars online. Trusted by over 2 million customers worldwide, It is rated 4.7 out of 5.

It is known for offering domain names at the lowest cost possible. With a hosting package, you can also get a free domain and 65% off.

Registration Pricing

  • .com – $5.98/yr for new customers
  • .com – $10.28/yr for regular customers
  • .net – $12.98/yr
  • .org – $7.48/yr

Namecheap offers a .com domain for $5.98 for new customers in the first year. Use promo code: NEWCOM598.

However, the new customer can buy only one domain at this discounted price.

Renewal Pricing

  • .com – $15.88/yr
  • .net – $15.98/yr
  • .org – $14.98/yr

Here are the full Namecheap registration and renewal prices.

Namecheap Domain Registration and Renewal Pricing


  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy setup
  • Free privacy protection
  • Free email address
  • Free DNSSEC security

Get Domain from Namecheap

3. Hostinger

Hostinger is a familiar name among budget website owners. It offers domain name and hosting packages at a reasonable price.

It is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar trusted by millions of users worldwide. At a comprehensive price, people can register more than 100 TLDs.

Hostinger provides unquestionable 24/7 customer support. Each domain comes with free WHOIS privacy protection.

Hostinger will also provide a free domain with top-level extensions if you buy a hosting package.

It offers instant domain activation with few clicks and full DNS management services.

Promotional Registration Pricing

  • .com – $4.99
  • .net – $9.99

These are the promotional first-year prices if you buy a domain name for 2 or more years.

Hostinger Promotional Registration Price

Registration Pricing

  • .com – $9.99
  • .net – $14.99
  • .org – $7.99
  • .co – $29.99
  • .info – $3.99

Renewal Pricing

  • .com – $15.99
  • .net – $15.99
  • .org – $15.99
  • .co – $34.99
  • .info – $24.99


  • Free privacy protection
  • Free domain with hosting package
  • Instant activation
  • Dedicated live support
  • Full DNS management

Get Domain from Hostinger

4. Dynadot

Dynadot is not only an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, but it is a super-powered domain marketplace.

More than 100K customers trusted Dynadot with over 5 million domain names. It offers industry-beating prices, leading control panels, and free privacy protection.

You can also choose your domain extension from 500+ TLDs. Within your control panel, you can register, buy, sell, and bid on domain names.

Dynadot also offers a domain appraisal service. This tool allows you to estimate the worth of your domain easily.

Registration Pricing

  • .com – $10.19
  • .net – $12.50
  • .org – $7.88
  • .co – $9.99
  • .info – $3.85

Renewal Pricing

  • .com – $10.19
  • .net – $12.50
  • .org – $10.50
  • .co – $24.99
  • .info – $18.99

Dynadot Domain Pricing


  • There are no hidden fees and no upselling at checkout
  • Low prices guaranteed
  • Organized control panel
  • Multiple payment options and currency-supported

Get Domain from Dynadot

5. Whois

Whois is another internet service company offering competitive domain name registration and hosting pricing.

People also know this company for its “Whois Lookup” tool, which checks domain details like registrar, Registration, expiry date, nameservers, owner’s information, and hosting provider.

Whois offers free email, DNS management, threat protection and $100 worth of services with the domain name.

Special Domain Registration Offers

Usually, Whois provides cheap pricing for domain registration. Also, sometimes it offers special discounts, promos, and coupons on new Registration for limited times.

Here are the latest deals.

Whois Domain Special Offers

Registration Pricing

  • .com – $9.98
  • .net – $13.48
  • .org – $11.88
  • .co – $12.88
  • .info – $3.98

Renewal Pricing

  • .com – $12.88
  • .net – $13.48
  • .org – $13.88
  • .co – $33.88
  • .info – $27.88

I got this result by searching for “SmartWebGuide” as a sample domain.

Whois Domain Pricing


  • Free email account
  • Free lifetime DNS management
  • Free email forwards
  • Domain theft protection

Get Domain from Whois

6. OVHcloud

OVHcloud is a complete cloud service provider that offers 80+ products and services. In addition to building cloud infrastructure, OVHcloud also provides domain and hosting services.

OVHcloud protects domain names using the default DNSSEC option from cyber-attacks that target the DNS server.

You can easily control your website and manage sub-domains and email addresses using DNS redirection management.

If you buy the OVHcloud web hosting plan, you can get a free domain name. You can also transfer your existing domain name with a few clicks.

OVHcloud Domain Pricing

Registration Pricing

  • .com – $10.70
  • .net – $12.20
  • .org – $10.49
  • .co – $3.23
  • .info – $4.37

Renewal Pricing

  • .com – $14.00
  • .net – $16.90
  • .org – $14.49
  • .co – $34.30
  • .info – $24.30

For example, I searched for the “SmartWebGuide” domain name with top TLDs and got this pricing table.

OVHcloud Domain Registration and Renewal Pricing


  • Protection against treatment using DNSSEC.
  • Easy to redirect to any website and page.
  • Manage sub-domains and email addresses from the control panel.
  • Free domain name with a web hosting plan.

Get Domain from OVHcloud

7. GoDaddy

With over 20 million customers and 84+ million domain names, GoDaddy is crowned the world’s largest domain registrar.

It offers not only domain registration services but also an auctioning platform. You can buy/sell domain names on GoDaddy aftermarket.

Each domain comes with free domain privacy protection forever. You can set up your registered domain name with a few clicks.

Also, meet GoDaddy Airo, an AI-powered domain suggestion tool that brings catchy and customizable domain names suitable for your business.

However, GoDaddy’s main marketing tactic is its $0.01 domain name. If you register a domain for a 3-year term, you can get a domain name for $0.01 for the first year.

For branding companies, it offers a bundle extension like .org, .net, .co, and .info for a cheap deal.

GoDaddy Domain Name Cost

Registration Pricing

  • .com – $11.99
  • .net – $14.99
  • .org – $9.99
  • .co – $11.99
  • .info – $3.99

Renewal Pricing

  • .com – $21.99
  • .net – $24.99
  • .org – $22.99
  • .co – $47.99
  • .info – $34.99


  • AI domain suggestions
  • Huge discount for the first year
  • Free domain privacy forever
  • 500+ domain extensions
  • Domain appraisal service
  • Domain aftermarket

Get Domain from GoDaddy

Things to Consider while Choosing a Domain Registrar

Finding the right domain name registrar is an overwhelming job because it is the main identity of your business. However, with the right guidelines and correct information, you can make an informed decision and choose the suitable one.

Here are a few essentials to consider while choosing the cheapest domain registrar.


Yes, cost is the main factor in choosing the cheapest domain registrar. Most of the hundreds of local and international domain registrars offer similar pricing.

Some offer huge discounts for the first year, like GoDaddy’s $0.01 domain, while others provide free domain names with the hosting package.

On the other hand, some offer flat Registration and renewal pricing. So, check out and compare the Registration and renewal prices.

Also, don’t forget to check out upfront products and hidden fees. You may see the registration price is low, but when you view your cart, you will be surprised by how some registrars add other products.


You register a domain name, and it should be supposed to be yours. However, what about somebody stealing your domain name from the registrar?

That’s why choosing the right domain registrar is important, which can provide privacy and theft protection.

Also, many users want to hide their personal information like email address, phone number, and location. If you want to hide yours too, check if it is free or if you must pay an additional amount to do it.

Additional Services

Most companies offer hosting and mail services except for some dedicated domain registrars.

Some of the registrars even have built-in website builders and SEO tools. If you find everything in one place, it will be more convenient and less costly.

Before hitting the checkout option, look for what other related services your registrar is going to offer.


Domain Registration and management are somewhat technical tasks. If you are a beginner and have no knowledge of domain registration, look for professional, 24/7 customer support.

Also, talk to them about any issue you are facing through the chat box.

Most domain registrars have FAQs that list all sorts of problems a customer might face. So, check them out to find the answer to your questions.

Learn more about Domain Name:


I have researched and registered dozens of domain names in the past few years. My experience shows that if you spend a little time researching, you can find the cheapest domain registrar.

These top domain name registrars offer cheap prices. However, the pricing can be changed. Some companies may offer huge discounts, while others may withdraw their promo codes.

If you plan to keep the domain for a long time and build a website, you must look for cheaper renewal prices.

However, the 1st year’s promo price, discount, and coupon will be profitable for domain traders.

Although I will check the prices regularly and update this post, you should check the prices by yourself.

If you find any domain registrar cheaper than my list, please comment below with the company name, and I will add them to my post.

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