How Much Is My Domain Name Worth? [4 Best Appraisal Tools]

How Much Is My Domain Name Worth?

Want to buy or sell a domain name but don’t know how much your domain name is worth? This post will reveal the top domain appraisal tools for calculating your domain value.

A domain name is the identity and address of your online business. People visit your online store through the domain name.

Like offline business, online business has brand value. In other words, you can say the domain value. Over the years, the more popular you become, the more valuable your domain name will be.

In this post, I will answer the common question, “How much is my domain name worth, and how do I calculate it?” Let’s start at the beginning.

What is a Domain Worth or Value?

In today’s internet era, people spend more and more time online. They buy products, order food, read blogs, and get services from websites. The Internet is a trillion-dollar business.

However, these businesses are performed through domain names and hosting. If people can’t remember your website name, they will not visit your online store, and you will lose revenue.

That’s why domain names are important, and people are spending thousands of dollars to acquire website names. There is a tremendous after-domain market online, where short, memorable, and branded domain names are traded.

Whether you want to buy or sell a domain name, you need to estimate its value. Potential buyers also want to know this value.

The domain worth of value is an amount that is calculated based on several factors, such as characters, brand value, relevance, and more.

How Much Is My Domain Name Worth?

Many online, free, and paid tools, such as GoDaddy, offer domain appraisals that show the potential sale value to provide an estimated value.

Before discussing how domain value is calculated and the factors considered, let’s explore a few online domain appraisal tools.

I will use two domain names—one new and another an existing website—to give you clear domain valuation ideas.

I selected as a fresh new available domain and as an established and existing website.

Also, I chose as a premium domain name from the aftermarket.

  • – New domain
  • – Established website with high-authority domain
  • – Premium domain name

Top 4 Domain Value Appraisal Tools with Example

I will use different domain appraisal tools to find out how much these domains are worth. Using the same method, you can calculate the value of your domain name, too.

I will also show you some domain marketplaces where you can get an idea of domain pricing. Let’s get started.

1. GoDaddy Domain Value Appraisal

When it comes to calculating the domain value, GoDaddy is the first tool people can prefer. You can find existing, available, and expired domains worth using this tool. It estimates the value based on the following factors.

Valuable keywords: What keywords are you incorporating in your domain? How valuable are they? And what are the average sale prices?

Popular Keyword: Are there any popular keywords in your domain? How widely are they used?

Extension: What extensions does your domain have? Are they top-level domain extensions?

GoDaddy Appraisal tool calculates the domain value by considering the millions of historical domain name sales.

Let’s find out what the GoDaddy Domain Appraisal tool says about my selected domain names.

For is an available domain name I have chosen from It is a free, available domain name generator tool with top-level extensions.

If you don’t know how to generate a domain name, will come in handy.

I searched for “” on the GoDaddy domain appraisal tool and got this price.

GoDaddy Domain Value for TechProKit

GoDaddy estimates that is worth less than $100. It calculated the value based on a machine learning model trained on historical data.

It seems that my chosen domain contains the “Pro” keyword, which is a high-value word. The average sale price of this word is $2176.

Also, the “Tech” keyword is incorporated in my domain, which is used widely and has a .com extension, which is a top-level domain extension.

The price is low because it is a long domain and has no historical data like authority, traffic, and income.


I searched for and got this price.

GoDaddy Domain Value for TechTarget

The estimated value of is $10,300. GoDaddy noticed my selected domain has two high-value keywords: “Target” and “Tech.” These two keywords have an average sale price of $2062 and $1898, respectively.

Also, it is considered that “Tech” is a widely used keyword, and the domain has a .com extension.

For is a premium domain name registered by GoDaddy in 2011. It is currently in auction managed by GoDaddy aftermarket.

I searched for on the GoDaddy domain appraisal tool and got this result.

GoDaddy Domain Value for TechCityUK

You can see that GoDaddy estimates is worth $1,998. Like my other domains, also has a high-value keyword, “tech.” You can see that “Tech” is a widely used keyword with an average sale price of $1898.

However, the domain value of any existing website depends on the site’s authority, traffic, and income. Considering these factors, has a much higher value than GoDaddy estimates because it’s a technology website with millions of traffic and income.

2. Dynadot Domain Name Appraisal

Dynadot is one of the top ICANN-accredited domain registrars, with millions of names under its umbrella. The in-house team developed a valuation tool that estimates domain value quickly and accurately.

Dynadot considers several qualifiers to appraise your domain name. Here are the top factors.

  • Memorability
  • Length
  • Number of Keywords
  • Keyword popularity
  • Top-level domain value
  • Historical aftermarket sales data
  • Search trends
  • Character combinations
  • Feedback

What is the process of finding domain value using Dynadot’s domain appraisal tool? Well, enter your domain name, start the proposal, get your estimate, and provide Feedback.

Using this tool, I will calculate the value of my previously selected three domains. Let’s find out how much my domain name is worth.


As you can see, I have chosen one fresh new domain, one high-authority website, and one premium domain to show you the value comparison. is a fresh and available domain name. I searched for this domain on Dynadot and got the following result:

Dynadot Domain Value for TechProKit

Dynadot estimates that is worth $11,513, which is way higher than GoDaddy’s valuation.

It breaks down the pricing factors. TechProKit is simple and easy to remember. It consists of only ten characters, which many people consider a short domain.

Also, “Tech” and “Pro” are meaningful and commonly used keywords in domain names. It has a “.com” extension, which is the top-level domain extension.

For is a 25-year-old domain name that is popular among technology blogs and news sites, with millions of visitors.

When I searched for this domain on Dynadot, I got this estimated value.

Dynadot Domain Value for TechTarget

It seems Dynadot valued at more than $20K. The price is obviously high because it is an established website with thousands of high-authority backlinks.

Why is this domain worth over 20K? Dynadot stated that TechTarget has ten characters, which is short and memorable. Also, it has the domain prefix “tech” and the word “target,” which are widely used domain prefixes and words.

Most importantly, was registered 25 years ago and is now a popular website.


I picked up from GoDaddy aftermarket. It is currently in auction. Like, it was registered for a long time, but no website is built on it.

It is a premium domain that was registered a long time ago. I searched for it on Dynadot and found this valuation.

Dynadot Domain Value for TechTarget

Dynadot estimates that TechCityUK is worth $16,831 (USD), which is $3k less than the auction value.

3. Estibot Free Domain Appraisal and Investment Tools

Estibot is another trusted domain valuation tool that appraises over 2 million domains per day. Using this tool, you can get estimates for hundreds of thousands of domains instantly. Unlike GoDaddy, it has no daily limit.

Apart from showing the domain valuation, Estibot analyzes and shares why your selected domain is valuable or not.

To test the pricing, I searched all three domains I have selected. Here are the details. Let’s find out how much my domain name is worth.


Estibot values at less than $100. It stated that this domain has low Google searches. Also, people may show less interest in this domain because it is new, and no website was built before.

Estibot Domain Value for TechProKit

Estibot also shows that all top-level extensions are available for this domain. You will also find analytics, traffic rank, search volume, and website status. As it is a new domain, none of the data is available right now.

Let’s check what Estibot says about, a popular and established technology website with millions of traffic and high-authority backlinks.


As I mentioned, Estibot shows not only the domain valuation but also a lot of information about it.

In my previous example, this tool didn’t show much because it is a new and fresh domain. However, is an established website with lots of traffic. Obviously, the price will skyrocket if the tool estimates correctly. Let’s find out how much TechTarget is worth.

When I searched for on Estibot, I got this result.

Estibot Domain Value for TechTarget

It seems is worth USD 101,000. DNS Holdings registered this domain, which is not available. It’s a popular technology website.

Apart from showing the valuation, Estibot also shares why this domain is worth more than 100K. Here are the key reasons.

.com has the highest resale value, and as you can see, TechTarget uses the .com extension. receives hundreds of thousands of traffic.

The domain name has a significant search per month on Google.

Advertisers pay over $10 per click to promote their products or services in TechTarget.

For has been a premium domain registered by GoDaddy since 2011. It is currently in auction. I have checked the valuation for this domain on GoDaddy and Dynadot. Let’s see how much is worth on Estibot.

I searched for this domain on the Estibot domain appraisal tool, and is valued at USD 1,200.

Estibot Domain Value for TechCityUK

It also stated that this domain, .com, has the highest resale value and is short and memorable.

4. Domain Aftermarket

The domain aftermarket is an online marketplace where the current owners list domains, and people bid on them. Typically, the highest bidder gets the domain name.

Also, there are some marketplaces where owners list and set a fixed price, called the reserved price. If anyone bids at or over the reserved price, the domain will go to auction, and the highest bidder will win.

Of the three domains I selected for a demo, is the premium one. I picked it from the GoDaddy Domain Auction.

GoDaddy Domain Auction for TechCityUK

The current bid is USD 11,250, and 102 potential buyers are bidding for this domain. If you look at the above image, you can see that there are many domains listed on this auction.

For example, gets 155 bids, and the current price is USD 4,210.

If you want to buy a premium domain for your business, you can check out the aftermarkets. Here are the top domain aftermarkets.

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Final Thoughts

How much is my domain name worth? It depends on several factors. Typically, the main factors are short, brandable, memorable, and niche-related to your business. Also, the pricing depends on people’s perceptions. The registration price for any domain is $12, but it could be auctioned for hundreds of dollars in the marketplace.

If you need a domain name within a limited budget, you can register it from the popular domain registrars. However, if you can’t find your desired domain name, you can tweak the name and find the available ones. Use to get the available domain name ideas.

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